SubQ Treatment Set

Single treatment injections. Includes 20 allergens in a single treatment set.

Suitable for
Treatment for allergies in this method are via subcutaneous injections of the offending allergens. These shots are administered over a 9-month period and administered in increasing doses as well as gradual increases in concentration. The 3 vials of increasing concentration are supplied directly by Nextmune on a prescription basis to the testing veterinarian. The initial 9-month period of hypo-sensitization is followed by monthly maintenance shots. If you notice an increase in allergy symptoms within 48 hours after a dose, STOP treatment and contact your veterinarian. Common reactions may include: an increase in allergy symptoms, swelling at injection site, increased itchiness and/or redness. Serious, but rare reactions may include: hives, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal drowsiness, facial swelling, collapse. If you notice any of these reactions, seek medical attention immediately. Call your veterinarian with the following information: Date of last dose Dosage amount Vial color Patient’s symptoms When symptoms occurred


1. Store vials in your refrigerator 2. Draw correct dosage in syringe 3. Bring allergens to room temperature 4. Ensure no bubbles are present 5. If they appear, flick the syringe’s top 6. Lift back of animal’s neck creating a “tent” 7. Insert needle at tent base, below the skin’s surface 8. Withdraw plunger slightly 9. If no blood present, inject allergens *If you have two sets, give one injection from each set simultaneously at different areas of the body

POST-INJECTION 1. Massage the injection site 2. Praise your animal 3. Return vial to refrigerator 4. Always monitor for 45 minutes as a precaution