Clorexyderm Spot Gel

Disinfectant gel for skinfolds, moist skin areas and ear canals, for use in dogs, cats and horses, containing chlorhexidine and Tris-EDTA.

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Clorexyderm Spot Gel is a disinfectant gel for use in skinfolds, moist skin areas and ear canals in dogs, cats and horses. It also hydrates and protects the skin, and has excellent skin-adhesion properties to ensure long action, forming a permeable film that prevents deposits of contaminated particles onto the skin, without affecting skin turnover. It contains chlorhexidine and Tris-EDTA and does not sting.

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100 ml


  1. Snap off the top part of the white applicator to break the seal.
  2. Apply to the skin or the ear canal.

Ear canal: Clean with Otoact or Clorexyderm Oto Piú, and squeeze into the ear canal. Gently massage the base of the ear. Use 1–2 times a day for 14 days, and thereafter twice a week for 1 month (or as directed by a vet).

Skin: Apply directly to the skin 1–2 times, and gently rub in, a day for 10 days, and thereafter once a day for 14 days.

Do not used in pets with ruptured ear drums.


  • Chlorhexidine digluconate (0.3%)
  • Tris-EDTA
  • Lanolin
  • Glycerin
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • pH 7.0